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What is a Breezeway?

Karin Jeske

A breezeway is a passageway designed to allow airflow while providing partial privacy and aesthetic appeal. Often constructed with Breeze Blocks, these structures feature patterns or openings that let air and light pass through, creating cooling effects and interesting shadows.

Breezeway at Raising Cane's

Breeze Blocks are sometimes called "Breezeway Blocks", because they are often used in breezeways. Above is a photo of a breezeway that feautres our Divisia White Breeze Blocks at Raising Cane's in Imperial Beach, CA which was installed by Burke Masonry, and shelters visitors from the morning sun. These decorative concrete blocks feature patterns or openings that create gaps in the wall, allowing air to pass through.

Clover Breeze Block Breezeway

Above is an installation of Clover Grey Breeze Blocks, at Canterra Luxury Apartments in Rancho Mirage, CA that form a Breezeway to provide shading and privacy to residents when they access their mailboxes.

Town Square Breezeway

Above:  Customer John from Austin, TX commented:  "We can't believe how much we love the way the Town Square Breeze Blocks look and the privacy they provide for our breezeway. We plan on purchasing more of the same style to finish off the area soon."

Here's how breeze blocks are commonly used in breezeways:

Ventilation: Breeze blocks are chosen for their ability to facilitate natural ventilation. The perforations in the blocks enable air to flow through, promoting a cooling effect in the breezeway.

Aesthetic Appeal: Breeze blocks come in various designs and patterns, adding a decorative element to the breezeway. The patterns can create interesting shadows and visual effects, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

Partial Enclosure: While providing ventilation, breeze blocks also offer a degree of enclosure. They can define the boundaries of the breezeway without completely blocking off the space, striking a balance between openness and privacy.

Lighting Effects: The openings in breeze blocks allow light to filter through, creating unique lighting effects in the breezeway. This can be particularly attractive during different times of the day.

Architectural Interest: Breeze blocks contribute to the architectural interest of the overall design. Their use can be a distinctive feature that adds character to the breezeway and the surrounding structures.

In summary, Breezeway Blocks (or Breeze Blocks, as we call them) are functional and decorative elements in breezeways, providing ventilation, visual appeal, and a sense of enclosure while maintaining an open and airy atmosphere.

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