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Cement Tile Specifications

 Specifications for Cement Tiles


Tesselle Cement Tiles can be used indoors or outdoors, on floors and walls.  Installations produce a flat, matte surface that meets wet walking area requirements (see DCOF information below).  Some cracking may occur in regions where temperatures fall below freezing.  


The color that you see on the face of a Tesselle Cement Tile is not a surface treatment, but rather a layer of colored cement that is 1/8"-1/4" thick, ensuring that the color will never wear off.  Because cement tiles are hand made, there may be color variation from tile to tile and within individual tiles.  When ordering, be sure to order 10% more than the actual square footage to be covered to ensure that all tiles come from the same lot.  Some colors, particularly bright and dark blues and greens may fade in direct sunlight.


Width and Length:  Tesselle Cement Tiles are hand-made on a hydraulic press, and this results in precisely-sized in width and length tile that allows for thin grout lines of 1/32"-1/16".  Our standard sizes are 8"x8" squares and 9"x8" hexagons.  Sizes and shapes up to 12"x12" can be ordered.

Height/Thickness:  8"x8" and 8"x9" Cement tiles will be approximately 5/8" thick.  Tiles can be special ordered at 3/8" thick for a surcharge.  Tiles with dimensions greater than 10" will require a thickness of 1".

Wet Area Installations and Slip Resistance 

Tesselle Cement Tiles can be used in outdoor wet areas, and restauarants, lobbies, bathroom floors, kitchens and entry ways.  Ensure that the installation allows for proper drainage. Tiles may not be submerged underwater, such as in a pool or fountain.

Below are official Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) test results from the independent lab at the Tile Council of North America (TCNA).  A DCOF rating of .42 or greater is recommended for wet areas by the TCNA, so the specifications for Tesselle Cement Tiles, with averages of .65-.73, greatly exceed their requirements:

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Test Results for Tesselle Cement Tiles

Contact us if you would like to receive a copy of the full TCNA DCOF report.