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Meet Karin Jeske, our Designer and Founder

Karin Jeske at Tesselle Booth

Welcome to Tesselle, where the art of cement tile and breeze block come together to redefine modern design. I'm Karin Jeske, the founder, and I'd like to share the journey that led me to create this vibrant company.

My love for cement tiles ignited in 2012, inspiring me to embark on this exciting venture. With a background in product development, merchandising, and marketing in both the home furnishings and commercial product industries, and formal training in textile design, I was ready to bring a fresh perspective to this medium.

Tesselle's core mission is simple: "to experience the joy, with our customers, of bringing bold and beautiful design to the built environment."

We began with a small collection of a dozen tile designs, and from there, our exclusivive assortment has grown to over 120 exclusive patterns, that include collaborations with renowned artists like The Artist Shag (Josh Agle), Jim Isermann, and Minty's Design, expanding our offerings beyond my own collection. In addition, we carry a selection of classic tile options for those seeking timeless elegance.

What truly excites me is the opportunity to collaborate with architects, interior designers, contractors, builders and homeowners. Together, we create custom tile and color stories that perfectly complement the theme of your building project. Your space becomes a canvas, and we are here to bring your vision to life.

The history of cement tiles dates back to 19th century Europe. Today, these handcrafted tiles are celebrated for their imperfect beauty and durability, often in installations lasting for well over a century. At Tesselle, we make our Cement Tiles by hand in two locations, Mexico and Asia. The subtle variations in each piece add to the overall charm as they adorn your wall and floor surfaces.

In 2018, our love for handcrafted cement products extended to Premium Cement Breeze Blocks. These versatile blocks are perfect for separating and defining spaces, offering sun protection while maintaining openness, ventilation, and airflow. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, these blocks, also known as screen blocks or pattern blocks, are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential projects.

At Tesselle, we take pride in our exclusive designs. Each one is copyrighted, ensuring their uniqueness, and they are available exclusively through us. We're here to bring innovation, personality, and artistry to your spaces, making them truly your own.

Thank you for visiting Tesselle, and I look forward to helping you transform your vision into reality. Your space, your style, your story – let's create something extraordinary together.

Thanks for visiting!

Karin Jeske,

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Above:  Karin Jeske at the Tesselle booth at the Modernism Show, Palm Springs, February 2023.