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About Cement Tiles


What is happening in the world of cement tiles?

Decorative cement tiles are exploding in popularity as designers, architects and homeowners re-discover these beautiful, hand-made works of art.  These tiles, which are sometimes referred to by other names such as concrete tiles, encaustic tiles, Moroccan tiles, Cuban tiles, mosaic tiles or mosaico hidraulico, are available in many classic patterns, as well as new modern designs in addition to solid colors.  Popular cement tile projects in the home include kitchen and bath remodels, outdoor patio areas and entryways. Cement tiles are frequently specified by architects and designers for restaurants, hotels, schools, government buildings, healthcare facilities and retail locations.  Another great use for cement tiles is for historic preservation projects.  Pictured above:  a cross-section of Tesselle's Circuit Cement Tile pattern.

Why choose Tesselle Cement Tiles?

At Tesselle, we specialize in designing exclusive, original cement tile patterns, many of which have a modern look; see the designs that are exclusive to Tesselle.  We carry our most popular patterns in stock, and work with our clients to design the ideal cement tile for their project.  Read about our designer, Karin Jeske, here.

Where can cement tiles be used?

Cement tiles are ideal for most interior and exterior surfaces, including walls, floors, stairs and counter tops, both indoor and outdoor.  Blues, greens and bright, saturated colors may have more of a tendency to fade in direct sunlight, and are recommended for shaded areas only in outdoor installations.

Cement tiles are extremely durable, and easy to maintain; many installations across the world are 100 years old or more.

See installation and care instructions for more information.  Review our technical specifications.

How easy is it to customize cement tiles?

 A great feature of cement tiles is that you can choose any design we offer and any color in our palette to customize your designs, and we can create a small production run for your project.  We can also work with you to develop your own pattern or color for a minimal surcharge.  Please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery of customized tiles.

How are cement tiles made?

Cement tiles are hand-made on a hydraulic press by a centuries-old technique which was developed in Europe in  the 1800s.  The smooth, colored surface is made from a 1/8" - 1/4" thick layer of cement, colored pigment and marble dust.  The most popular size for square tiles is 8"x8"x5/8", and for hexagonal tiles is 8"x9"x5/8".  

Because cement tiles are hand-made, there will be variation on color and pattern from tile to tile, however, the exterior dimensions of the tile are very precise, and this allows for thin grout lines as narrow as 1/16" or 1/32".

Where can I learn more about Tesselle Cement Tiles?

Contact us at or at 951-781-3000.

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