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Cement Tile Inspiration Photo Gallery

Scroll down to see installations of Tesselle Cement Tiles.Ipanema Campos backsplash

Ipanema Campos Cement Tiles on a kitchen backsplash.

Tapa Blue Montage Cement Tiles at The Nancy Palm Springs

 Tapa Blue Cement Tiles by Shag at The Nancy in Palm Springs.

Dekko Carrera Palm Springs Patio

Dekko Carrera Cement Tiles on a Palm Springs Patio.

Ipanema Laranja

Ipanema Laranja Cement Tiles in a Palm Springs rental.

Tesselle's exclusive Sonora Sola, showcased in HGTV's Brother vs. Brother.

Fine Vine Verde Cement Tile

Fine Vine Verde Cement Tiles in a kitchen that was designed and photographed by Rocky Schenck.

Ipanema Costa Cement Tiles

Ipanema Costa Cement Tiles creating a beautiful backdrop in our customer's bathroom. 

Geometricks Biscayne Cement Tiles

Exterior installation of Geometricks Biscayne Cement Tiles at Oporto Restaurant, Houston.

Ipanema Souto Pool

Ipanema Souto in a pool area.

Tesselle's Modda Cinder Cement Tiles, courtesy of Anthology Interiors.


Tesselle's Spatial Contrass Cement Tiles, courtesy of Design Sponge.

Ipanema Grande Cristal Cement Tiles on an outdoor walkway.

Hedge Solstice Cement Tiles by Jim Isermann

Hedge Cement Tiles by Jim Isermann.

Ipanema Souto Cement Tiles

Ipanema Souto Cement Tiles on a kitchen backsplash.

Vicenza Rosata

Vicenza Rosata Cement Tiles at Molly's Restaurant in San Diego.

Copacabana Souto Cement tiles

Copacanaba Souto Cement Tiles on a backsplash.

Tapa Green Largeleaf

Tapa Green Largeleaf Cement Tile by Shag featured in the Shag House.

Sonora Cement Tiles Cacara

Sonora Cement Tiles around the bar at Cacara Restaurant in Phoenix.

Dekko Cement Tiles Outdoor Bar

Dekko Cement Tiles installed on the facade of an outdoor bar.

Tapa Green Montage by Shag

Tapa Green Montage Cement Tiles by Shag on a planter.

Ipanema Avila Cement Tiles

Ipanema Avila Cement Tiles on a bathroom wall.

Kalikoe Valle Cement Tiles

Ipanema Campos Backsplash

Ipanema Campos Terrazzo Cement Tiles, courtesy of Travis Smith.

Hedge Twilight Cement Tiles in Hiatus Hotel Lobby

Rendering of Hedge Twilight Cement Tiles by Jim Isermann, in the Hiatus Hotel Lobby, Clearwater Florida, designed by Celano Design Studio.

Kalikoe cement tiles in the color Lorne, helping show off our furry friends! 

Ipanema Rosa Outdoor Wall

Ipanema Rosa Terrazzo Cement Tiles installed on an outdoor wall.

Hedge Solstice Cement Tiles by Jim Isermann

Hedge Solstice Cement Tiles by Jim Isermann form the wall of an outdoor patio area.

Barcode Shadow Cement Tiles, showcased at a client's restaurant. 

Shag Green Tapa Tiles

Tapa Green Cement tiles by Shag in a 400 square foot installation.

Ipanema Souto Cement Tiles

Ipanema Souto Cement Tiles lining a wall in a backyard.

Fiore Laurel cement tiles by Tesselle in a bathroomFiore Laurel Cement Tiles on a bathroom floor.

Ipanema Melada Cement Tiles on a Floor

Ipanema Melada Cement Tiles on a laundry room floor.

Shag Tapa Green Cement Tiles on Midwestern Ranch House

Exterior installation of Tapa Green Cement Tiles by Shag on Midwestern Ranch House.

Tesselle's collection Lyssa Cement Tiles, in color Centro.

Ipanema Grill

An outdoor barbecue designed by Nanette Injeski, featuring Ipanema Campos Cement Tiles.

Bande Cement Tiles

Bande Cement Tiles in a powder room.

La Cella Cement Tiles

La Cella Cement Tiles in a laundry room.

Ipanema Silva Cement Tile

Ipanema Silva Cement Tiles giving this kitchen a beautiful backsplash.

Bolton Cobalt

Bolton Cobalt Cement Tiles lining a bar in Palm Springs.

Fine Vine Cement Tiles

Fine Vine Cement Tiles at Irvine Spectrum.

Tesselle Solid Color Tiles

Tesselle Solid Cement Tiles form a striped floor at Serea Restaurant at The Hotel del Coronado.

Geometricks Tiles at Oporto Houston

Geometricks Cement Tiles in a random layout at Oporto Restaurant, Houston.

Venita Cement Tiles displayed in Anthology Interior's Dover Shores Modern Home

Ipanema Laranja Cement Tiles

Ipanema Laranja Cement Tiles at a bar in Denver, CO.
Tesselle's Fine Vine Marquis Cement Tiles, installed in a client's kitchen.

solid hex cement tiles on floorSolid color hexagonal cement tiles on a floor.

Parquet cement tiles in color Solera installed on a client's kitchen wall.

Shoreline Eastport displayed in a client's new bathroom.

Kalani Rose Cement Tiles

Kalani Rose Cement Tiles on a bathroom floor.

Mosaic Montage Monochrome

Mosaic Montage Monochrome installation photo.  Interior design by Sherry Scott.