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The Shag Tapa Cement Tile Pattern Gallery

Scroll through images of patterns that can be formed with Tapa Cement Tiles by Shag.

All Styles and Colors in the Tapa Cement Tile Collection by Shag

Above:  Full assortment of the 15 styles and colors in the Tapa 8" Cement Tile Collection by Shag.

Shag Tapa Green Cement Tile Montage Layout

Tapa Green Cement Tile Montage by Shag.  12x12 tile layout covering a 8' square surface.

Tapa Tiles by Shag

Above:  A medley of Tapa Cement Tiles by Shag covering a 64"x32" surface.

Largeleaf by Shag

Above: Tapa Largeleaf by Shag in Flame, Green and Blue covering a 64"x32" surface.

Tapa Flame by Shag

Above:  Pattern that incorporates the 5 Tapa Flame tile designs, covering a 64"x64" surface.



Above: Tapa Fourleaf Cement Tiles in Blue and Green, covering a 64"x32" surface.