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Contemporary Chic: Incline Breeze Block Installation at Desert Horizons

Karin Jeske

Incline Breeze Blocks at Desert Horizons Country Club - Front

A joyous occasion unfolded at Desert Horizons Country Club as the much-anticipated grand opening of their brand new clubhouse took center stage at a vibrant gala there Saturday night. At Tesselle, we are proud of the role our Incline White Breeze Block masonry walls played in adding a touch of boldness to this beautiful new building.

Incline Breeze Blocks at Deset Horizons

Above:  Incline Breeze Blocks along the entryway

The Incline Breeze Blocks, showcased at the front and walk-up of the clubhouse, not only pay homage to the rich history of breeze blocks in the greater Palm Springs region but also introduce a contemporary, bold geometric design pattern. It's a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, creating a new aesthetic for breeze block enthusiasts.

The architecture and interiors were designed by Melzer Deckert & Ruder Architects, Inc, experts in crafting exquisite clubhouses. The seamless design or indoor and outdoor spaces has resulted in a clubhouse that effortlessly ranks among the most beautiful in the region.

Unveiling the Tesselle Incline White Breeze Block Installation at Desert Horizons Close Front

 Above: a close-up of the Incline Breeze Block wall in front of the building.

The construction journey, overseen by C,W. Driver, a versatile builder offering general contracting, construction management, and design/build services across the Western United States, ensured the realization of the Desert Horizons vision. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every corner of this architectural gem. 

Unveiling the Tesselle Incline White Breeze Block Installation at Desert Horizons Side Front

Above:  a side view of Incline Breeze Blocks along the front of the building.

A crucial part of this journey was the installation of the Incline Breeze Blocks, skillfully executed by Rick Hamm Construction. A family-owned business with decades of experience in concrete and masonry construction trades, they brought precision and expertise to the installation of every block, contributing to the overall allure of the clubhouse.

Unveiling the Tesselle Incline White Breeze Block Installation at Desert Horizons

Above:  A view of the Incline Breeze Block wall as seen exiting the front doors.

The grand opening of the Desert Horizons Clubhouse marks a new chapter for its 500+ member families, and Tesselle is honored to have played a pivotal role in the creation of this exciting new building.

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to seeing the Desert Horizons Country Club continue to thrive, providing an exquisite haven for its members.

Unveiling the Tesselle Incline White Breeze Block Installation at Desert Horizons Back View

Above:  Behind the scenes - the steel frame that supports the Incline Breeze Block wall.


The following 2 photos showcase our Large Orb Breeze Block, custom designed for Desert Horizons, at the new Tennis Pavillion, still under construction.

Unveiling the Tesselle Large Orb White Breeze Block Installation at Desert Horizons

Unveiling the Tesselle large orb White Breeze Block Installation at Desert Horizons

About Desert Horizons Country Club:  

Established in 1979, Desert Horizons Country Club stands as a private golf and country club nestled in Indian Wells. Originating from a date orchard, the club features a remarkable 18-hole championship golf course and caters to 510 families who consider Desert Horizons their home.

With a legacy spanning over four decades, the club prioritizes friendship and inclusivity, extending a warm welcome to all seeking enjoyment. Whether engaging in golf, pickleball, social clubs, or happy hours, Desert Horizons offers diverse activities for everyone to enjoy.

About Tesselle:

Tesselle, based in Riverside, CA, is the leading national supplier of Breeze Blocks and Cement Tiles.

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