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Design Inspiration Blog — Restaurant Designs

Tesselle Breeze Blocks at the new Fontainebleu Resort in Las Vegas

Karin Jeske Breeze Blocks Restaurant Designs

The new 5-star Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas unveils a breathtaking display of architectural brilliance, featuring hundreds of exquisite building materials, including an installation of Tesselle Tesselle Terrace Jade Breeze Blocks

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Indoor Breeze Block Installations and Inspiration

Mikayla Mindte #architecture Breeze Blocks Design Grey Interior Design Pattern Blocks Restaurant Designs

In contemporary design, interior spaces are no longer bound by conventional norms, and breeze blocks offer a refreshing departure from traditional building materials. This blog post explores the ways in which breeze blocks are transforming the indoor landscape of both restaurants and homes, adding a touch of architectural flair and individuality to interior spaces.

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Ipanema Laranja Cement Tiles at Lady Nomada Kitchen

Mikayla Mindte Cement Tiles Color Decorative Tile Design Installations Interior Design Pattern Restaurant Designs Tesselle Tile

A beautiful installation of Tesselle's Ipanema Laranja Cement Tiles at Lady Normada, a baja-inspired restaurant in Denver, Colorado.

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