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Ipanema Laranja Cement Tiles at Lady Nomada Kitchen

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Ipanema Cement Tiles

The team at Tesselle took a trip to Denver, CO to visit this beautiful installation of our Ipanema Laranja Cement Tiles at Lady Normada, a taqueria baja-inspired restaurant. At Lady Nomada, every detail is thoughtfully considered to transport one to the sun-soaked beaches and bustling markets of Baja California, and the restaurant has utilized our sunny, beach-inspired terrazzo Ipanema line to showcase this coastal vibe.

Ipanema Laranja outside seating

Sit at their inviting bar and sip on handcrafted margaritas and mezcal-infused cocktails, or enjoy the refreshing breeze and bask in the sun while dining outside. Our Ipanema Laranja cement tiles encapsulate the carefree and relaxed atmosphere associated with coastal living and spending time by the ocean, while enjoying Lady Nomada's baja menu

Lady Normada exterior

We are absolutely in love with our Ipanema cement tiles being a part of this beautiful restaurant, and adore the food their menu has to offer! Whether you're enjoying a leisurely meal with friends, savoring a cocktail at the bar, or simply basking in the lively atmosphere, Lady Normada embraces the spirit of Baja California and will have you relish in the art of savoring life's flavorful moments.

Explore Tesselle's exclusive Ipanema Cement Tile Collection for more colorways that complement the coastal vibes of Lady Normada's restaurant. For inquiries, cement tile and breeze block samples, and additional information, please contact us at or 951-781-3000.

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