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Raising Cane's: A Taste of Entrepreneurship, Community, and Art

Karin Jeske Breeze Blocks

Divisia White Breeze Blocks at Raising Cane's

Raising Cane's, known for its mouthwatering chicken fingers and tempting sauces, is more than just a wildly popular fast-food chain. Founded in 1996 by visionary entrepreneur Todd Graves, the restaurant embodies a commitment to quality and community spirit.

Our recent visit to Raising Cane's Imperial Beach, CA location showcased the brand's commitment to thoughtful design. Tesselle's Divisia White Breeze Blocks, installed by Burke Masonryforming a stylishly shaded walkway, seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, enhancing the overall experience for the customer.

Raising Cane's in Imperial Beach

Adding to the community connection, the Imperial Beach location features three murals by local artist Carly Ealey. These vibrant artworks contribute to the restaurant's visual appeal, celebrating local artistic talent.

Divisia White Breeze Block Wall

Raising Cane's began the journey with a simple menu featuring high-quality chicken fingers, Texas toast, crinkle-cut fries, and the iconic Cane's sauce. This uncomplicated approach has won the hearts of fans nationwide.  Hear more about Todd's story on the How I Built This podcast with Guy Raz.

Raising Cane's is more than just chicken; it's a celebration of entrepreneurship, community, and art. Our Tesselle collaboration in their Imperial Beach location exemplifies a commitment to thoughtful design, creating an unforgettable experience for customers.

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