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Design Inspiration Blog — Random Tile Patterns

What is a Tessellation?

Karin Jeske Random Tile Patterns Tessellations

We often are asked the question, "what does Tesselle mean?" Our company name is derived from the word "tessellation".  A tessellation is the covering of a surface, most often a two dimensional plane, using one or more geometric shapes, with no overlaps and no gaps. Covering a floor or wall surface with tiles is an example of a tessellation

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A Random Holiday Wish From Tesselle

Karin Jeske Random Tile Patterns Random Tiling

Happy holidays from Tesselle!  We are thankful for our customers, associates, media contacts, and suppliers. To celebrate the season, our designer, Karin Jeske, created a holiday pattern using the same square tile module (see smaller image) rotated randomly across the surface to create a non-repeating pattern that spreads the message of peace, love and joy. Many of our exclusive cement tiles can create non-repeating designs across your floors or walls when they are installed randomly with respect to their orientation to one another.  Would you like to see some examples?  Take a look at this article.

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Kitchen and Bath Design News Features Tesselle Facets Cement Tiles

Karin Jeske Pattern Random Tile Patterns Tile

We are thrilled that Kitchen and Bath Design News featured Tesselle's Facets Cement Tiles in their September 2017 issue!

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Kitchen & Bath Business Features Shasta Winter Hexagonal Cement Tiles

Karin Jeske Cement Tiles Pattern Random Tile Patterns Shasta Winter

Thank you Kitchen and Bath Business, for featuring our Shasta Winter Hexagonal Cement Tiles in your publication and on your website!  

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Creating Random Tile Patterns on Floors or Walls

Karin Jeske Cement Tiles Design Pattern Random Tile Patterns

Our designer, Karin Jeske, shares some of her favorite random tile patterns from the exclusive Tesselle Cement Tile Collection. Author's note:  this article is updated periodically as we add new random patterns to our collections. At Tesselle, we have a special interest in making cement tiles that can be laid out in random patterns that can create magical, non-repeating designs across your surface. Sometimes the purpose is to create an unexpected effect, other times this technique is used to mimic nature.  This is accomplished by rotating the tiles randomly across the surface with respect to their orientation toward one another as...

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