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Indoor Breeze Block Installations and Inspiration

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Breeze blocks have long been celebrated for their outdoor applications; however, their versatility extends beyond the confines of exterior spaces, making them an increasingly popular choice for indoor installations. These perforated concrete blocks, with their intricate patterns and geometric designs, bring a unique charm to interior spaces, adding texture and visual interest to walls, partitions, and even furniture. In contemporary design, interior spaces are no longer bound by conventional norms, and breeze blocks offer a refreshing departure from traditional building materials.

Circlet White Breeze Blocks

In residential settings, breeze blocks have found their way into modern homes, becoming a hallmark of contemporary interior design. From accent walls in living rooms to stylish room dividers in open-plan spaces, these blocks seamlessly blend form and function. Tesselle's Circlet White Breeze Blocks add the perfect touch to this mid-century modern home, creating a open, but private entrance to the house.

Home: The Hologram Home
Installation: Goodsite Custom Masonry

Varied Breeze Blocks

Restaurants, with their emphasis on ambiance and style, are increasingly turning to breeze blocks to craft visually stunning interiors. Tesselle's vast breeze block collection is not limited to one design pattern - the beautiful Ryla in Hermosa Beach, California created a stunning combination with some of our most popular designs for the entrance to their restaurant. Designed by bellsandwhistledesign.

Whether used to create a statement wall in an entry room, a unique partition in an open-plan restaurant, or even as decorative elements in furniture, breeze blocks seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetic appeal. We invite you to scroll thru more inspiration photos of indoor breeze block installations. 

Breeze Blocks used linked here.

Concourse Breeze Blocks

Concourse White Breeze Blocks inside an office.

Crater Grey Breeze Blocks

Crater Grey Breeze Blocks in CHIMBA Restaurant, designed by Bruce & Bruce, in the heart of Midtown, Miami.

Rotary White Breeze Blocks

Rotary Breeze Blocks in a Reno, NV Restaurant.

Regent Coffee LA

Divisia Breeze Blocks at Regent Coffee in Los Angeles. Interior Design by Sierra Holland.  Photo by Christian Dibble.

Crater Grey Breeze Blocks

Crater Grey Breeze Blocks at a bar.

Varied Grey Breeze Blocks

RYLA restaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA - designed by bellsandwhistledesignBreeze Blocks used linked here.

Circlet White Breeze Blocks

Circlet White Breeze Blocks dividing a kitchen from the entryway.

Concentric Grey Breeze Blocks

Verona Grey Breeze Blocks installed on a kitchen island.

Pali Grey Breeze Blocks

Pali Grey Breeze Blocks at JRK! Restaurant in Miami, FL.

Rotary White Breeze Blocks

Rotary White breeze blocks in The Rio Grande in downtown Denver.

Crater Grey Breeze Blocks

A restaurant with a stunning indoor privacy wall installation of our Crater Grey Breeze Blocks. The Chimba Miami designed an accent wall that infused character into their space that delineated spaces without sacrificing light and airiness. The use of breeze blocks indoors allows for the creation of dynamic, aesthetically pleasing environments, and certainly highlights your experience while dining at this delicious restaurant. Designed by Bruce & Bruce.

Circlet White Breeze Blocks

Circlet White Breeze Blocks create a backlit bar front.

Concourse Breeze Blocks

Concourse White Breeze Blocks in an office setting.

Orb Grey Breeze Blocks in a waiting area.

Crater Grey Breeze Blocks

Another section of this stunning Chimba restaurant installation - the breeze block feature wall acts as a divider between different seating areas, adding an element of sophistication, and transforming the restaurant's ambiance into a unique and memorable space.

Please note: Be certain to review our installation instructions, and check with your city planning department to ensure that your project will meet local codes.

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