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Porta Via Restaurant: Brake for the Breeze Blocks then Break for a Bite

Karin Jeske Breeze Blocks

20' Wall behind Porta Via Restuarant

Above:  A 20' tall structure behind Porta Via, featuring Tesselle Rotary Breeze Blocks.

Tesselle Rotary Breeze Blocks at Porta Via Restaurant

Porta Via Bistro and Bar presents the perfect portal in Palm Desert, plus a marvelous menu and an alluring ambiance for their guests. Scroll down to learn more.
Spot Tesselle Rotary Breeze Blocks by the entrance and as accents inside, but please don't miss the a 20' high wall behind the restaurant that encloses a staircase. These decorative masonry structures are sure to be the most sizzling selfie stations in the desert!  Scroll down to see some construction photos also.

Rotary Breeze Block Wall Palm Desert

Trench to support Breeze Blocks Wall

A 6' deep trench which was filled with steel and concrete was required to support the wall.

Breeze Block Wall Construction

Rebar, which was attached to the steel frame, was placed between every course vertically and every other course horizontally. 

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