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Recap: A Memorable Encounter with Shag at the Tesselle Booth during Modernism Week

Karin Jeske Josh Agle Shag Tapa Cement Tiles

Reflecting on a Special Event

Palm Springs - Calling all art aficionados and design enthusiasts! Let's take a moment to look back at an exciting event that brought together creative minds. The Tesselle booth at the Palm Springs Convention Center became a hub of inspiration as we had the pleasure of hosting the acclaimed artist Shag, also known as Josh Agle, on Saturday, Feb 18th from 11-noon.

Karin Jeske and Josh Agle - the artist Shag

Pictured above, Karin Jeske, Owner/Designer, Tesselle, and Josh Agle, known as the artist Shag

Artistry on Display

The spotlight shone on Shag's captivating Tapa Cement Tile Collection. These handcrafted tiles blended art and craftsmanship, leaving attendees impressed by the creativity and dedication poured into each piece.  With the harmonious fusion of Polynesian tradition and contemporary style, these tiles blend bold and graphic patterns with a modern twist, bringing the spirit of cultural heritage to your spaces with a fresh, vibrant look.

A Unique Connection

Beyond the tiles, attendees had the chance to engage with Shag himself. Discussions flowed, insights were shared, and connections were forged—making the event a memorable experience for all.

Looking Ahead

While the event may be behind us, the inspiration lives on. If you missed the opportunity, don't worry—there's more to come. Stay tuned for future events where we'll continue to celebrate art, design, and the talent that enriches our lives.

For more information or to explore Shag's Tapa Cement Tiles, reach out to us at 951-781-3000. Let's keep the creative energy alive and anticipate the next artistic chapter!

The Artist Shag

Influenced by Polynesian art and mid-century design, Tesselle’s new Tapa Cement Tile Collection by the renowned artist Shag, is comprised 15 tiles. Each tile can work independently, or in various combinations, to form a wide variety of bold and vibrant patterns.

Above:  examples of some of the many designs that can be created with Tesselle Tapa Cement Tiles by Shag.

Tapa Cement Tile Collection by Shag

Shag Store Gift Cards

We also gave away two $100 gift cards to The Shag Store in a random drawing of visitors that registered for our email list or posted on social media.

Tapa Wall by Shag under Construction

Above:  Installation under construction at a residence in Palm Springs of Tesselle Tapa Green Montage Cement Tiles by Shag

    More about the artist Shag and Tesselle:

    Shag is a renowned artist who has been creating stunning works of art for over 30 years. He's known for his playful, colorful, and pop-art inspired style, and his work has been displayed in galleries all over the world.

    Tesselle is a company that specializes in creating high-quality cement tiles and breeze blocks with unique and beautiful designs. Their products have been used in residential homes, hotels, and commercial spaces, and they have a reputation for being both stylish and durable. 

    Karin Jeske, is Tesselle's owner and designer. She started Tesselle in 2012 and the company's purpose is "to experience the joy, with our customers, of bringing bold and beautiful design to the built environment."

    Karin Jeske Owner Tesselle

    Karin Jeske, Tesselle, at the Tesselle Booth at Modernism Week, October 2022.

    Photo of Josh Agle by Patrick Shipstad.

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