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Are Breeze Blocks still made and where can I buy them?

Karin Jeske

Shop for Breeze BlocksConcrete Breeze Blocks, the architectural wonders that once adorned buildings across the United States and beyond, have a rich history dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. These intricate concrete blocks were not just functional but added a touch of artistry to construction. While Breeze Blocks are still available in many markets, finding them can be a challenge.

In the heyday of Breeze Blocks, local markets in the United States and various corners of the world produced these design marvels.

However, as time passed, the companies that manufactured them evolved, some into massive enterprises focused on producing more conventional products. 

In other instances, the companies that once crafted Breeze Blocks have disappeared, leaving a void for those who cherish their aesthetic appeal.

The question arises, how can designers, architects, contrators, builders, masons and homeowners access breeze blocks for their construction projects today?

Tesselle, a company based in Southern California that has made it our mission to fill this void in the US market. Tesselle ships Breeze Blocks from our warehouse within the 48 contiguous states (with local pickup as an option). We also collaborate closely with customers in other locations to coordinate shipping to their job sites. Here are some links: 
Tesselle Breeze Block Collection 
Tesselle Breeze Block Photo Gallery

Shamrock Breeze Block Installation

Across the globe, Cubic Products in Australia has taken up the mantle, ensuring that Breeze Blocks continue to grace architectural creations in that part of the world. The legacy of these intricate concrete blocks lives on, thanks to the dedication of companies like Tesselle and Cubic Products.

Breeze Blocks may have been a product of their time, but their enduring charm and timeless appeal mean they're far from forgotten. These companies are ensuring that the beauty of Breeze Blocks remains accessible to those who appreciate the artistry of architecture.

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