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Suggested Options for Small Breeze Block Projects

Karin Jeske

Sometimes we receive inquiries from customers with small projects, where just a few breeze blocks are required.

This is challenging because we need to ship breeze blocks on pallets, which costs a minimum of $340 and can go up from there, based on weight and distance. Here are some options:

Warehouse pickup:
If you are able to pickup at our warehouse in Riverside, CA, you can place your order online and choose warehouse pickup, which eliminates the shipping cost.  In these cases, you can order less than the stated minimum - as little as one bundle.

Expand your project:
Our breeze block minimums that include shipping are 72 small (7.5" square) blocks or 30 large (11.4" square) blocks.  Think creatively about other places where you can use the blocks, or if you have a friend or neighbor that you can combine with to place the order (you can mix different breeze block designs and colors to meet the minimum).

Make you own:
If neither of the above options work, we recommend ordering breeze block molds and making your own blocks (or having your contractor make them for you.  Pacific Mold is a good resource and they are very helpful in guiding you through the process.


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