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What is a Breeze Block?

Karin Jeske

Rhumbar Breeze Blocks

Breeze Blocks are decorative concrete masonry units (CMUs) that are used outdoors and indoors around the world to divide spaces, provide privacy and add sun protection, while maintaining airflow.  Sometimes called Screen Blocks, they have been produced in hundreds of designs. Architect Edward Durell Stone pioneered the technique of manufacturing and installing these blocks in the 1950s, and introduced them to the world with the unveiling of the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India in 1959.  Unlike most concrete blocks, Breeze Blocks are non-structural, and must be externally reinforced. 

More information:

Concrete Screen Block by Ron and Barbara Marshall

Tesselle's current Breeze Block assortment

Breeze Block Installation Instructions (if installing a brand other than Tesselle, refer to the instructions from the manufacturer).



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