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Turning Surplus into Success: Tesselle Finds a Partner in

Karin Jeske website

Thankfully, most of the items designed and brought to market at Tesselle fly off the shelves, presenting the challenge of maintaining adequate stock levels.

However, with over 600 items, there are inevitably a few products that face the opposite dilemma—they linger in the warehouse due to overestimated demand or production overruns, awaiting their chance to adorn living spaces with joy.

This is where steps in as a valuable partner. When Tesselle identifies a slow-moving product, we swiftly list it on the website.

Offering surplus inventory at discounted rates, empowers customers to enhance their projects with premium materials that might otherwise exceed their budgetary limits. By facilitating this exchange, fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between clients and suppliers, repurposing excess materials, minimizing waste, and ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Tesselle extends its gratitude to for providing a platform to distribute excess inventory at discounted prices and for supporting the lifecycle of our cherished products.

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