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Sizzle and Style: Z'Tejas Welcomes Guests with Tesselle Breeze Blocks!

Karin Jeske

Tesselle Starlight Breeze Blocks at ZTejas

We're¬†absolutely thrilled to see Z'Tejas incorporate our Starlight White Breeze Blocks into the facade of their host stand at their Scottsdale location! ūüĆüZ'Tejas welcomes diners to a culinary journey that marries elevated Tex-Mex cuisine with Southern charm, drawing inspiration from its Texan roots and Arizona branches. Their menu showcases a fusion of bold flavors and refined elegance, seamlessly blending the hearty spirit of Tex-Mex with the sophistication of Southern cooking. From sizzling fajitas to signature cornbread, each dish reflects Z'Tejas' dedication to culinary craftsmanship, inviting patrons to indulge in the best of both culinary worlds for an unparalleled dining experience that harmonizes tradition with innovation.


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