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Fifty Fabulous Finds at Las Vegas Market, 2020

Karin Jeske

Twice a year, interior designers and retail buyers from around the world converge on the massive 300,000 square foot World Market Center in Las Vegas for a trade-only event where products for the home are launched and showcased in beautifully merchandised settings.

world market center

We walked the market floor, as well as their sister show, The International Surface Event, which focuses on floor coverings, and here are some of our favorite finds!  From modern to country, from sleek to handcrafted, there is something here for everyone! 

Black and White Dinnerware

 1. Dinnerware in a classic combination of black and white from Napa Home and Garden features hand-painted brushstrokes with varying patterns that create an eclectic mix.

Studio A Wall

2. This fabulous wall décor from Studio A features weathered woods in many tones – a popular theme at the Winter Market.

Imax Tabletop

3. Primitive, off-white, stenciled flowers adorn this wooden tabletop by Imax.

Hogart basket

4. Wire-wrapped products were spotted in several showrooms.  These pendant lamps are by HoMart.

BeHome basket

5. BeHome showcased a series of wire-wrapped bowls that can be used in a myriad of applications.

Mudpie Welcome

6. Whitewashed furnishings and accessories were everywhere!  This welcoming vignette was created by Mudpie.

Troy Lighting Light

7. Catch a wave with this gorgeous pendant lamp by Troy Lighting.  Ocean-inspired, irregular patterns were seen on items ranging from rugs to accessories.

Torre and Tagus

8. A new twist on the tropical theme by Torre & Tagus featuring wire wall art and silk flowers that might just be better than the real thing!

Bidk Vase

9. From chunky to tiny, Terrazzo was a theme found from tile floor coverings to accessories, such as in this vase from Bidk Home.


10. With light bursting in every direction, this modern chandelier from Elegant Lighting, featured in their front window, drew a lot of attention.

 Imax Ocean

11. This beautifully curated assembly of ocean-inspired accessories from Imax would be perfect for a seaside cottage.

DW Silks

12. This plant wall from DW silks offers a low maintenance way to bring the feeling of nature indoors.

Essentials for Living

13. Essentials for Living offers a delightful array of hanging terrariums.

JF Vignette

14. This vignette, which featured oversized floral wallpaper and rugs, with fishscale tiles mounted sideways, was created by designer Jennifer Ferrell.

Couristan Rug

15. Couristan showcased rugs which featured gorgeous oversized floral designs.

Three Hands Wall Art

16. Dimensional, floral wall art was seen in several showrooms.  This dramatic display, against a black wall, was curated by Three Hands.

DW Silks Poppies

 17. A riot of orange  poppies greeted designers as they entered the DW Silks showroom.

Accent Decor Vases

18. A series of vases from Accent Décor highlight the popular matte finish in charcoal grey with mottled white accents in a nature-inspired pattern.

Imax Sea vignette

19. A seafaring nautical vignette, curated by Imax.

Gloabl Views Chair

20. Colorful, mod fabric covers this uniquely shaped chair from Global Views.

Ganz Lemonade

21. This eclectic country display of lemonade-themed items brought miles of smiles in the Ganz showroom.

Mercana Lamp

22. Many items were spotted that incorporated geometric shapes in this structure.  These hanging lamps Mercana feature pentagons.

Troy Lighting Light

23. This glass and metal light from Troy Lighting tessellates hexagons and pentagons to form a globe-like shape.

Global Views Rug

24. Hexagons with organic shapes within their borders are scattered across this bold rug from Global Views.

Selamot Lamp

25. Hand knotted décor was seen across the spectrum of products, including this hanging lamp from Selamat.

Sage Interiors

26. Sage Interiors updates the long-term grey trend with an eclectic array of decor accessories.

Accent Decor Bottles

27. Accent Décor showcased a variety of hanging green glass bottles to produce a soothing display.

StyleCraft Vignette

28. Gold and brass tones were the top metal finishes seen across the showrooms with this vignette from StyleCraft embodying the trend.

Global Views Wall Decor

29.Gold-toned wall decor and accessories provide an updated look from Global Views.

Napa Home Vases

30. Hand-painted gold accents on these vases from Napa Home mix opulence with craft.

JF Glam Bazaar

31. Glam Bazaar, a vignette designed by Jennifer Ferrell mixes patterned tile and a large marble slab with eclectic furnishings and accessories.

Imax Country Kitchen

32. Updated items for the country kitchen, curated by Imax.

Crestview Country Vignette

33. This cozy country vignette with a whitewashed-influenced painting is brought to us by Crestview.

Imax Painting

34. This perfect mix of bright and pastel colors with tropical and mod patterning was curated by Imax.

Venus Williams

35. Tennis star and designer Venus Williams creates a beautifully curated eclectic mood with this assembly of furniture and accessories, capturing the trend toward darker colors.

Three Hands Eastern vignette

 36. Eastern influences create a calm mood in this vignette curated by Three Hands.

Selamat Light

37. Cut-out designs were prominent at Winter Market,  and this large pendant light from Selamat beautifully exemplifies this trend.

Accent Decor Accessories

38. Portraying a hand-crafted yet modern aesthetic, these accessories from Accent Décor will blend with many interiors.

Mudpie Vignette

39. Indigo and white patterns were seen everywhere  - in accessories, fabrics, rugs, dinnerware and furniture.  This theme is captured in a vignette by Mudpie.

Imax Dark Blue Vignette

40. A dark blue wall offers a dramatic backdrop to this vignette by Imax, that features a mix of pastel, bright and white shades in an array of furnishings and accessories.


41. Blue and white accessories, inspired by tile and ikat designs mix eclectically in this display by Venetucci.

Three Hands Wall Decor

 42. Organic wall décor, made from glass and metal in soothing shades of teal and blue with metallic accents was showcased by Three Hands.

Dalyn Rug

 43. A complex, abstract rug from Dalyn offers a blue-based color palette that will brighten many interiors.

HoMart Rustic Rugs

44. Rustic hand-made rugs and accessories were featured in the HoMart showroom.

 Coming soon

45. Coming soon

Troy Lighting African vignette

46. Large-scale tropical wallpaper pairs with African-inspired textiles in this vignette in the Troy Lighting showroom.

Yosemite Home Decor Clocks

47. A broad assortment of analog clocks from Yosemite Home Décor highlights our need to escape the digital world.

Venus Williams Baskets

48. Hand-woven baskets make a rustic statement atop a multi-textured rug by Venus Williams.

Fireside Lodge pillows

49. This classic color palette that combines red and gold tones in Native American inspired geometric designs was seen in both decorative pillows, such as these from Fireside Lodge, and in rugs across the venue.

Skyros bowls

50. These gourmet ceramic bowls from Skyros beautifully showcase the warm color palette seen across a spectrum of products.




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