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Why Tesselle Breeze Blocks Are the Top Choice for Professionals

Karin Jeske

When it comes to adding a stylish touch to your projects, the materials you choose make all the difference. Tesselle is the leading supplier of Premium Breeze Blocks in the United States, offering an unparalleled selection of patterns and colors, with over 20,000 square feet in stock, and the ability to customize our blocks for specific projects. Our Breeze Blocks are crafted with precision and care, are the perfect solution for professionals and homeowners alike.

Rotary Breeze Block Walls at Pace Victorville
Above:  Breeze Block masonry walls featuring over 1300 Tesselle Rotary Breeze Blocks surrounding three sides of the PACE Senior Center in Victorville, CA, designed by architect Michael Pontious and built by JB Specialty Contractor.

Why Choose Tesselle Breeze Blocks?

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

Our Breeze Blocks are handmade using a high-pressure hydraulic press, resulting in a product that is significantly smoother and more tailored than traditional blocks. This meticulous production process ensures that our Breeze Blocks not only look stunning but also offer superior durability and consistency, justifying their premium status and cost.

Rotary White Breeze Blocks at Rhumbar Las Vegas
Above:  Masonry walls featuring over 1000 Tesselle Rotary Breeze Blocks surrounding Rhumbar Ultra Lounge on the Las Vegas Strip. Interior design by Basile Studio and architecture by Moser Architecture Studio.

Versatile and Aesthetic Appeal

Breeze Blocks are more than just building materials; they are design elements that can transform spaces. These blocks create beautiful walls in a variety of patterns, making a bold design statement in any setting. Whether you are defining indoor spaces or enhancing outdoor environments, Breeze Blocks offer a versatile solution that combines aesthetics with functionality.

Functional Benefits

Beyond their visual appeal, Breeze Blocks provide several practical benefits:

  • Space Separation: Ideal for separating and defining spaces without creating a closed-off feel, making them perfect for both commercial and residential projects.
  • Sun Protection: Breeze Blocks offer shade and protection from the sun, helping to keep areas cooler and more comfortable.
  • Ventilation and Airflow: Their design promotes airflow and ventilation, contributing to healthier and more pleasant environments.
  • Openness: While providing structure and separation, Breeze Blocks maintain a sense of openness and connection between different areas.

Applications for Many Projects

Tesselle Breeze Blocks are suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Architectural Masterpieces: Perfect for creating eye-catching facades and feature walls that stand out.
  • Interior Design: Use them to add a unique touch to interiors, from room dividers to accent walls.
  • Landscape Architecture: Enhance gardens and outdoor spaces with elegant partitions that blend beauty and functionality.
  • Commercial Spaces: Ideal for retail, hospitality, and office environments, where design impact is crucial.
Incline Breeze Blocks
Above:  Masonry walls featuring over 1000 Tesselle Incline Breeze Blocks along the facade ande entryway at Desert Horizons Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA, with architecture and interiors were designed by Melzer Deckert & Ruder Architects, Inc.

Elevate Your Next Project with Premium Breeze Blocks

For architects, designers, and builders who demand the best, Tesselle Premium Breeze Blocks offer an exceptional combination of quality, style, and practicality. Our extensive inventory ensures that you can find the perfect blocks to match your vision, while our premium craftsmanship guarantees a superior end result.

Ready to make a bold design statement? Choose Tesselle Breeze Blocks for your next project and experience the difference that premium quality and thoughtful design can make. Contact us today to explore our selection and discover how Tesselle can help you bring your architectural and design ideas to life.

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