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Using Cement Tiles for Historic Preservation and Restoration Projects

Karin Jeske Classic Cement Tile Designs Historic Preservation Historic Restoration

Contact Tesselle to assist with your historic preservation project.  Cement tiles are a wonderful, authentic choice when restoring an architecturally important building.  

Tesselle Classic Traditional Cement Tiles for Historic PreservationAbove:  some of the traditional cement tile patterns Tesselle carries in-stock.

The technique used to make cement tiles dates back to the 1800s, and these tiles have been produced in small factories around the world ever since.  The hand-made quality of cement tiles produces a surface with slight variations in color and design that can't be matched by off-the shelf, mass-produced products.

Tesselle cement tiles can be used on floors, walls and countertops, and while we love taking this medium in a modern direction, many of our clients fall in love with the centuries-old classic patterns that we carry.  We have seen installations that are over 100 years old that are still in beautiful condition. 

Cement tiles are very versatile because they can be customized with the colors and design of your choice in small production runs. There is no quantity too small - this is possible because each production run is created from a single mold.  We have hundreds of classic and traditional molds at our factory, and we can product a new mold at a very low, one-time cost.  We also carry many traditional patterns in stock for quick delivery.

Contact us to discuss your project today!

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