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A Perfect Match: Tesselle Rotary Breeze Blocks in the Apostle Supper Club

Karin Jeske

Rotary Breeze Blocks at Apostle

The Apostle Supper Club, located in the heart of St. Paul across from the XCEL Energy Center, is a shining example of how Tesselle Rotary Breeze Blocks can enhance a space. Inspired by the glamorous era of 1960s Palm Springs, this venue combines a supper club, piano lounge, tiki bar, and patio to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. The use of Tesselle Breeze Blocks in the design not only complements the retro aesthetic but also adds a layer of sophistication and texture to the space.

Visitors to the Apostle Supper Club are treated to more than just a meal; they are immersed in an experience. The stylish interior, featuring shag carpeting and retro decor, sets the stage for a night of enjoyment and nostalgia. With live music, including performances by local talents, the ambiance is always lively and engaging. The diverse menu, which includes everything from a mushroom orzo entree to a fried Spam tostada, offers something for everyone. Coupled with attentive service and creative cocktails, the Apostle Supper Club stands out as a must-visit destination in St. Paul. Whether you're there for the food, the drinks, or the overall vibe, this spot delivers on all fronts, making it a perfect showcase for the beauty and versatility of Tesselle Rotary Breeze Blocks.

Thank you, Lisa Corbett, for sharing this photo!

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