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Tendergreens Restaurant in El Segundo Features Tesselle's Barcode Cement Tiles

Karin Jeske Barcode Cement Tile Tendergreens Tesselle

Barcode Cement Tiles by Tesselle on Tendergreens Patio

We love visiting installations of our cement tiles, especially when the trip includes a delicious meal!  It was a beautiful and sunny today in Los Angeles, and the perfect time to visit the newly opened Tendergreens Restaurant in El Segundo, where Tesselle's exclusive Barcode Shadow tiles are installed throughout the outdoor patio area.  Tendergreens now has more than  25 outlets and is known for the delicious, healthy and innovative menu.

Barcode tiles were specified by interior designer Brooke Whitney Spreckman of Los Angeles-based Design Hutch.  Scroll down to see more images!

Barcode cement tiles by Tesselle

 Tendergreens Patio featuring Tesselle Barcode Shadow Tiles

Tendergreens El Segundo Tendergreens El Segundo is located at 2181-A Rosecrans Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245.





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