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Neutral Ground Kitchen + Bar and Shamrock Breeze Blocks: A Visual Feast

Karin Jeske

Tesselle Breeze Blocks at Neutral Ground Kitchen Entry Lobby

Nestled in McLean, Virginia, Neutral Ground Bar + Kitchen is the latest venture from renowned chef David Guas, known for Bayou Bakery and his TV appearances. This much-anticipated restaurant offers classic American food and drink in a relaxed, stylish setting, featuring stunning Tesselle Shamrock Breeze Blocks installations by Tech24 Construction, adding a unique aesthetic touch.

Tesselle Breeze Blocks at Neutral Ground Kitchen Dining

Tesselle Shamrock Breeze Blocks: A Visual Feature

As you step into Neutral Ground, the first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful installation of Tesselle Shamrock Breeze Blocks, which is strategically placed behind the host stand and serve as a graceful partition separating the lobby from the dining room. The breeze blocks not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also contribute to its airy and inviting ambiance. The craftsmanship of Tech24 Construction shines through in these installations, showcasing their expertise and attention to detail.

Tesselle Breeze Blocks at Neutral Ground Kitchen Entry

An Inviting Atmosphere and Delectable Menu

Natural light floods the space, highlighting ash wood tables and pale green leather seats. The retro-mod setting, combined with a Southern California vibe, creates a relaxed, welcoming environment.

The menu is a testament to Chef Guas's culinary expertise. Highlights include a double-patty burger made from local Randall Lineback cattle, crispy quail with a light crust, a hearty grilled pork chop with whole-grain mustard, and a whole branzino with organic tapenade.

Seafood lovers will enjoy charbroiled oysters, an homage to Guas’s New Orleans roots, and head-on shrimp in New Orleans–style Worcestershire sauce. Clever vegetable dishes, like griddled zucchini ribbons in romesco sauce and crispy roasted mushrooms, also stand out. The bar offers signature cocktails with twists on classics, complementing the menu’s offerings.

Chef David Guas also brings a touch of New Orleans to Neutral Ground through its name, which references communal green spaces where people of all backgrounds historically gathered. This spirit of unity is reflected in the restaurant’s philosophy and its inviting interior. 

Chef David Guas: A Culinary Visionary

Chef David Guas is a beloved culinary figure known for his community service and expertise. From cooking for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts to aiding those in need during the pandemic, Guas’s dedication to community is evident. With Neutral Ground, he brings his passion for food and community to McLean, offering residents a place to enjoy delicious food in a beautiful setting.

Neutral Ground Bar + Kitchen is more than a restaurant; it’s a culinary destination where guests enjoy expertly crafted dishes in a visually stunning environment. The Tesselle Shamrock Breeze Blocks were installed by Tech24 Construction add elegance and charm, making every visit memorable. Whether for a casual meal or special occasion, Neutral Ground promises to be a favorite spot for McLean locals and visitors alike.

Chef David Guas' Book:  Dam Good Sweet: Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, New Orleans Style

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Photos by Diane Taylor of Tech24 Construction

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