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Fine Vine Cement Tile Installations at Irvine Spectrum

Karin Jeske Fine Vine Cement Tiles Installations

Fine Vine Cement Tiles at Irvine Spectrum

Irvine Spectrum, a premier southern California outdoor shopping and dining destination, has begun the installation of sitting areas throughout the property which feature Tesselle’s exclusive Fine Vine cement tiles in a custom color combination that includes two shades of green. 

Tesselle Cement Tile Installation at Irvine Spectrum -  Fine Vine

Specified by landscape architect Lisa Chestnut, of Burton Studio, the tiles are laid out with random orientations to create a continuous leaf vine pattern that, as in nature, will never repeat.  Created by Tesselle’s co-owner and designer, Karin Jeske, the Fine Vine pattern will match up no matter how tiles are aligned.

Relaxing at Irvine Spectrum

A perfect place to take enjoy a snack, jump on a call, rest your feet, or people-watch while a significant other tries on the latest in fashion, these spaces offer comfortable seating and are protected by decorative fabric shading structures above, and patio lighting at night.

We love strolling through the mall, watching people enjoy these wonderful new areas.  Next time you’re at Irvine Spectrum, look down and check out this exciting and creative use of our cement tiles!  We will add more photos as the installation is completed.

Get the look!

Tesselle Fine Vine cement tiles are customizeable in your choice of colors from the Tesselle palette in production runs as small as 100 square feet.  

Need cement tiles in a hurry?  Check out the current stock in our US warehouse!

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