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Creating Random Tile Patterns on Floors or Walls

Karin Jeske Cement Tiles Design Pattern Random Tile Patterns

Our designer, Karin Jeske, shares some of her favorite random tile patterns from the exclusive Tesselle Cement Tile Collection.

Author's note:  this article is updated periodically as we add new random patterns to our collections.

At Tesselle, we have a special interest in making cement tiles that can be laid out in random patterns that can create magical, non-repeating designs across your surface. Sometimes the purpose is to create an unexpected effect, other times this technique is used to mimic nature.  This is accomplished by rotating the tiles randomly across the surface with respect to their orientation toward one another as is demonstrated in this video featuring Geometricks Cement Tiles.

We also find that when we start with the idea of randomness, the resulting tile will create a better design when laid out in a repeating fashion.  As we travel the world, we are excited to see the use of randomness in many applications in interiors and architecture. Below, we share some of our favorite Tesselle cement tile designs from our exclusive collection in creative, random layouts - each of these covers a 32"x32" area.  

Grotta Azzurra Cement Tile

Above:  Grotta Azzurra Cement Tiles in a random layout is inspired by the famed underlit cave on the Italian island of Capri. Order a sample.

Host Amazon Cement Tile

Above:  Hosta Amazon Hexagonal Cement Tiles in a random layout is inspired by nature's floor in a rain forest. Order a sample.

Geometricks Biscayne

Above:  Geometricks Biscayne Cement Tiles in a random layout.  We love the varied shapes and and serpentine lines created when a random layout is chosen.  Architect Michael Hsu chose this pattern in a random layout when he designed the Oporto Restaurant in Houston.  Order a sample.


Safari Jasper Random Layout

Above:  Safari Jasper Hexagonal Cement Tile in a random layout creating a non-repeating design, similar to the patterns found in nature.  Order a sample.

Baskerville random cement tiles

Above:  Baskerville Cashmere Cement Tiles in a random layout.  This design can also be laid out in a classic houndstooth pattern, or in layouts that create a variety of different geometric patterns.  Order a sample.

Facets Reflection hexagonal cement tile

Above: Facets Reflection Hexagonal Cement Tiles in a random layout was inspired by the a sparkling cut diamond, and the pattern matches up regardless of how the tiles are oriented with respect to one another. Order a sample.

Circuit Sterling Cement Tiles

Above:  Circuit Sterling Cement Tiles in a random layout.  Circuit was a part of our original launch and is still one of our favorites!  Order a sample.


Nature's Net Classico Random

Above:  Nature's Net Classico Cement Tiles in a random layout create a design with an organic feel.

Triaxial Oasis in a random layout

Above:  Triaxial Oasis Hexagonal Cement Tiles in a random layout tosses diamonds and triangles across your floor or wall - this is in addition to many repeating patterns that can be created with these tiles.  Order a sample.

Shannon Homespun Cement Tiles

Above:  Shannon Homespun Cement Tiles in a random layout - inspired by Irish linen textiles. Order a sample.

Shasta Summer Cement tiles

Above:  Shasta Summer Hexagonal Cement Tiles create an array of different daisies across your surface.  Order a sample.

a-frame granitaAbove:  A-Frame Granita Hexagonal Cement Tiles in a random layout creates an array of geometric shapes in the white space. Order a sample.

Fine Vine Cement Tile in a random layout

Above:  Fine Vine Verdant Cement Tiles in a random layout mimics a climbing vine in nature, and is a best-seller in our line. Order a sample.

Raffia Corrina

Above:  Raffia Corrina Cement Tiles in a random layout, is inspired by textile yarns in a loose weave. Order a sample.

sonora sola cement tile in a random layout

Above:  Sonora Sola Cement Tiles in a random layout offers a pattern with an organic appearance. Order a sample.

Interested in working with us?  Check out our selection of in-stock tiles, look at our entire collection, or talk to us about your custom project! Please give is a call at 951-781-3000 or email us at

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