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Tesselle Adds Glamour to Hart House's Vegan Haven

Mikayla Mindte

Located in Hollywood, CA, Hart House is a forward-thinking vegan fast-food restaurant that combines Kevin Hart's star power with a growing demand for plant-based dining options, offering a modern and inclusive approach to fast food. The vegan restaurant aims to promote healthier eating habits and environmental sustainability by providing delicious, plant-based alternatives to conventional fast food.

Tesselle Crater Breeze Blocks: Creating a Stylish Atmosphere

The Hart House fast-food chain has 4 locations in Southern California. Crater White Breeze Blocks are showcased at their Hollywood location, greeting hungry guests in the drive-thru or on their patio with an appetizing backdrop to match Hart House's appetizing, yummy food.

Crater White 7.5" Cement Breeze Block

Designed and constructed by Terra Nova Industries, the vegan restaurant is beautifully decorated to showcase the modernity of its menu, but also stays true to the mid-century glamour Hollywood is known for with the use of Tesselle's Crater Breeze Blocks.

Hart House's vegan fast food is crafted with gourmet techniques, elevating the fast food experience with high-quality ingredients and innovative recipes. They have a passion for flavor, compassion for our planet, and a creative space that includes our breeze blocks, amplifying the restaurant's gourmet yet comforting atmosphere.

Go visit the Hart House location in Hollywood, CA to dine on tasty vegan burgers and treats, and bask in the outside decorated with our Crater Breeze Blocks!

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