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Zephyr Crossing Basil 8" Square Cement Tile

$ 11.99

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    Crossing Basil Cement Tiles, from the Zephyr Collection, were inspired by an iconic breeze block design, and created in collaboration with Minty's Design.  These hand-made tiles, which feature a stylish green and white color combination, fit perfectly with modern architecture.  Suitable for both floors and walls, they will elevate both indoor and outdoor spaces.  See all Zephyr Cement Tile ProductsSee coordinating Crossing Breeze Blocks. Crossing cement tiles are available exclusively from Tesselle.

    Pricing and Minimums:

    • $11.99/tile ($27.66/SF)
    • Minimum: 6 boxes of 12 (31.2 SF, 72 tiles)
    • Avoid shipping charges and pickup at our warehouse in Riverside, CA.
    • 10% overage or one extra box (whichever is greater) required.  See below for calculations.
    • Extra discounts may be applied to the following orders.  Contact us to receive a custom quote:
      • Orders over $15,000.
      • Trade orders from design professionals.

    Stock Levels and Shipping:

    • See in-stock and incoming inventory at the top of the page. Quantities are expressed in square feet (SF).
      • In-stock items typically ship the next business day.
      • Unsold incoming inventory is listed with the expected arrival months
      • Special orders may have up to a 16 week lead time. 
    • Once shipped, delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks.
    • All in-stock and incoming inventory is available on a first-come basis.

     Key product information:

    • Pictured:  Single tile, 4x4 tile layouts from the Zephyr Cement Tile Collection that include this design.
    • Dimensions: 8"x8"x5/8"
    • Weight: 3 lbs/tile
    • Uses: Floors, walls, indoors, outdoors
    • Blue, red and green colors may fade in direct sunlight.
    • Because of the hand-made nature of this product, there may be variation in color from tile to tile.
    • Click here to read California Proposition 65 Disclosure

    More Ordering information:

    • Each box of 12 covers 5.2 square feet, not including required 10% extra (see below).
    • Custom colors:  Any of our designs can be produced in our palette of over 100 colors.  A surcharge will be applied to custom orders under 360 tile units.
    • Custom designs:  A custom mold charge of $300-500 will be applied per design iteration, and a below minimum surcharge will be applied to orders of fewer than 720 tile units.
    • Please review our Cement Tile Installation Instructions before starting your project.
    • Sample Program: The purpose of our sample program, which we operate at a loss, is for our clients to evaluate a physical sample for a design project.  We may contact non-trade customers prior to sending samples to qualify your plans, confirm that you are working with a licensed professional, and that our minimums and lead times match project requirements.  To maximize our first-quality inventory for project orders, we may send samples with slight damage, such as chips on the corners or edges. Furthermore, we will limit the number of large breeze block samples to a total of 1, small breeze blocks to 2, and cement tiles to 4, prior to providing a quotation for the planned project. Our business model does not support providing samples for other purposes, therefore, we will cancel and refund sample orders that are outside the scope of the parameters outlined.

        How many boxes of cement tiles are needed for your project?

        Step 1: Determine the square footage you are covering. Click here for a square footage calculator. Add 10% to your order by multiplying your square footage by 1.1. Example: if your actual square footage is 250, multiply 250 x 1.1 = 275.

        Step 2: Each box contains 12 tiles, which will cover exactly 5.2 square feet. Using the example above, divide 275 by 5.2 and round up to the next whole number. 275 / 5.2 = 52.9. Round up and order 53 boxes which will contain 636 tiles. 

        Please note that we require all customers to order 10% overage or one extra box, whichever is greater, to ensure that the installation can be completed, even if there are minor mishaps in shipping or on the jobsite.

        Call us if you have any questions at 951-781-3000.

        This pattern is a Tesselle Original Design, protected by national and international copyright and registered in the ACID design databank.

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