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Welcome Arizona Tiki Oasis Fans. Read about The Shag House!

Tesselle is a supplier of Breeze Blocks and Cement Tiles, with over 600 products and 100,000 square feet in stock.  One of the highlights of 2024 was that Josh Agle (a.k.a. The Artist Shag) specified our breeze blocks and cement tiles for The Shag House, which were showcased during Modernism Week, in Palm Springs in February, and is now available as an event venue and vacation rental. Here are some photos of the Tesselle product installations:

Orb Breeze Blocks at The Shag House

Tesselle products are installed throughout the property, adding a touch of magic, including our Orb Breeze Blocks, as shown in the photos above and below, and the Tapa Cement Tile Collection, designed by Shag. 

Orb Breeze Block Backdrop to Shag House Jacuzzi

Orb Breeze Blocks create a stunning backdrop to the jacuzzi, setting the stage for relaxation in style.

Tapa Green Montage Square Cement Tiles by Shag

Tapa Cement Tile Collection: Step beside a 400 square foot montage adjacent to the ping pong yard and bask in the beauty of these captivating tiles.

Tapa Green Large Leaf Cement Tiles by Shag

You'll also find the Tapa Largeleaf Green Cement Tiles serving as a backdrop to a Frederick Weinberg 1950 "Swing Time" Abstract Nude Dancers Sculpture, adding an extra layer of artistry to the space. 

Shag Cement Tiles by Tesselle


Josh Agle the Artist Shag with his Tesselle Tapa Cement Tile Collection

As the lead designer and creative director, Shag has masterfully combined his architectural studies and artistic aesthetic to reimagine this classic 1958 home. While preserving the core of the house, including the familiar 3-bedroom, 2-bath layout, tongue and groove ceilings, and the original fireplace, he has transformed the rest for modern homeowners. Above:  Shag with his Tesselle Tapa Cement Tile Collection.

The front entry has been expanded, and the original breezeway has been converted into a swank party lounge, offering grand curb appeal and a perfect backdrop for unforgettable gatherings. 

Shag's artistic style, drawing from commercial illustration from the past five decades, has breathed life into every nook and cranny of the Shag House. With its vivid colors, sly humor, and celebration of consumerism, this house is not just a home—it's a work of art that sets the stage for the perfect party in Palm Springs. 

The Shag House offers an immersive experience, where every corner feels like a life-sized Shag painting. Meet the collaborators and the participating brands.

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Photos by Andrew Cabral and Karin Jeske.