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In Stock Breeze Blocks Delivered to Boca Raton, FL

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Looking for decorative, breeze blocks or screen blocks in the Boca Raton area?  We are a favorite resource for interior designers, architects, showrooms, landscape designers, contractors and homeowners.  Made from a dense mixture of cement and sand, these blocks are both beautiful and durable!  Please note that these products are designed for non-load bearing applications only.

    We specialize in original, modern designs, as well as mid-century and traditional classics.  

    Shop online for breeze blocks

    Breeze Block Colors

     Breeze Blocks by Tesselle

    We can deliver to the following areas in 1-2 weeks:

    Boca Del Mar, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Gulf Stream, Highland Beach, Hillsboro Pines, Kings Point, Lighthouse Point and Parkland