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In Stock Breeze Blocks Delivered to Miami for Transport to The Caribbean

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Looking for decorative, breeze blocks or screen blocks in the Caribbean? Tesselle can deliver Breeze Blocks directly to a bonded warehouse (for larger orders) or an island transportation service (for smaller orders), typically located in Miami, FL, for easy transfer to Caribbean islands. We are a favorite resource for interior designers, architects, showrooms, landscape designers, contractors and homeowners.  Made from a dense mixture of cement and sand, these blocks are both beautiful and durable!  Please note that these products are designed for non-load bearing applications only.

We specialize in original, modern designs, as well as mid-century classics.  

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Breeze Block Colors

 Breeze Blocks by Tesselle

We can help you facilitate delivery of Tesselle Breeze Blocks to the following islands:

Anguilla,  Antigua and Barbuda,  Aruba,  Bahamas,  Barbados,  Belize,  British Virgin Islands,  Caribbean Netherlands,  Cayman Islands,  Curaçao,  Dominica,  Dominican Republic,  Grenada,  Guadeloupe,  Guyana,  Jamaica,  Martiniquee,  Montserrat,  Puerto Rico,  Saint Barthélemy,  Saint Kitts and Nevis,  Saint Lucia,  Saint Martin,  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,  Sint Maarten,  Suriname,  Trinidad and Tobago,  Turks and Caicos Islands,  United States Virgin Islands