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Dekko 8" Square Cement Tile - Leona

$ 6.99

Dekko cement tiles in color Leona create a bold, modern geometric pattern.    Each tile is hand-pressed. This Playa and White color combination will make a bold statement and complement many interiors. Dekko was designed by Karin Jeske, and is available exclusively from Tesselle.  Click here to see all Dekko Cement Tile colors.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders* + Buy More, Save More!  *Details 

  • Sample:  $6.99 each -ships next business day USPS Priority
  • Spend $1000 - Save 10% - code 1000-10 ($8.99/tile, $20.67 per square foot)
  • Spend $2000 - Save 20% - code 2000-20 ($7.99/tile,  $18.37 per square foot)
  • Spend $3000 - Save 30% - code 3000-30 ($6.99/tile, $16.08 per square foot)
  • Add discount code during checkout. 
  • Minimum order: 10 boxes (50 square feet).
  • For larger/commercial orders, call for a custom quote.

Key product information:

  • Samples will be fulfilled in a full sized sample in a different color combination with 2"x2" color chips representing the color pictured.
  • Pictured: Single tile, 4x4 tile layout, covering 32" x 32"
  • Dimensions: 8"x8"x5/8"
  • Uses: Floors, walls and countertops, indoors or outdoors in shaded areas.
  • Please review the installation and care instructions before ordering.
  • Because of the hand-made nature of this product, there will be variation in color and pattern from tile to tile.
  • Click here to read California Proposition 65 Disclosure

Ordering information:

  • Free shipping
  • Each box contains 12 tiles and covers exactly 5.2 square feet, not including recommended 10% extra (see below)
    • Special orders:
      • This color combination is available only as a special order.
      • This pattern can also be customized in any color combination from our palette. You can order 2"x2" color reference samples here.
      • Delivery time: 8-10 weeks
      • Call us at 951-781-3000 or send an email to place your special order.

    How Many Boxes of Tile Are Needed for your project?

    Step 1: Determine the square footage you are covering. Click here for a square footage calculator. Add 10% to you order by multiplying your square footage by 1.1. Example: if your actual square footage is 250, multiply 250 x 1.1 = 275.

    Step 2: Each box contains 12 tiles, which will cover exactly 5.2 square feet. Using the example above, divide 275 by 5.2 and round up to the next whole number. 275 / 5.2 = 52.8. Round up and order 53 boxes which will contain 636 tiles.

    Call us if you have any questions at 951-781-3000.

    This pattern is a Tesselle Original Design, protected by national and international copyright and registered in the ACID design databank.

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