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Cement Tile Inspiration — Porcelain Tile

Decorative Tiles: Should I Choose Cement or Porcelain?

Karin Jeske Cement Tile Cement vs Porcelain Tile Porcelain Tile

Love the beautiful patterns that have made headlines throughout the world of decor by a resurgence in the popularity of cement tiles? If you are considering incorporating decorative tiles into your project and are comparing cement with porcelain tiles with a similar look, here are some things to consider!

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Adding Porcelain Tile to Tesselle's Tile Assortment

Karin Jeske Cement Tile Decorative Tile Porcelain Tile Tile

I fell in love with cement tiles at the Surfaces trade show in Las Vegas in 2006 when I entered the United Tile booth and met Bill Sutton, who imported these beautiful tiles from Thailand in classic designs.  At the time, I was designing carpet tiles for Interface and had thousands of tile designs, mostly modern, some designed to be laid out randomly, on my hard drive that had never seen the light of day, and wanted to find a hard surface tile that would be compatible with my aesthetic.  Cement tiles, with their hand-made nature, precise dimensions (allowing for thin...

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